something powerful is in the works...

our community vision is all about bringing together awesome people, all vibing for the same goal: to bring justice and peace to the world.

what we're about

A Leaderful Space
  • all voices matter, including yours!

  • de-centralized leadership model so ALL participants have a say

  • experience the potential of participatory democracy in action

Learning & Practicing
  • dig into resources and explore alternatives that are proven to be more effective than using violence

  • develop and exercise skills that empower you to make meaningful change in the world!

Meaningful Connection
  • get involved with events, workshops, and more

  • collaborate with others, sharing stories, ideas, and support

  • find your tribe of hopeful changemakers!

Simple, Effective Action
  • find practical ways to be a force for good

  • engage with partner organizations that are doing amazing things

  • challenge yourself to be an advocate for peace!

*additional community perks include early access to collection drops, exclusive discounts, limited-edition products, special gifts, and more